Happy Tenants

Below are testimonials from some of our satisfied residents.

I have rented from Nancy for nearly three years. What began as a 12 month lease, transitioned easily to my home for ~3years. Nancy was an excellent landlord who communicated very clearly. She knows what she is doing, and takes care of her properties and residents. If you are looking for a new place to rent, I would recommend one Putnam Properties apartments.
- MJ, April 2021 - 5 Stars

I lived at Ridgewood Ave for almost 7 years. Great management (Nancy), always clean and attentive. It’s was great to call this place home for all of these years! I will miss all the closet space and location the most! Special shout-out to Oscar for all the work he does as well!
- Tasha N., April 2021 - 5 Stars

Lived at both 2500 Pleasant & 507 Ridgewood, total of 4 years. Nancy + Oscar are both great and attentive. Great apartments, very clean & quiet!
- Daniel G. - Feb 2021 - 5 Stars

I have lived in this building for 9 years. Smartest move I ever made. Not only is it pet friendly, but the apartments a large with tons of closet space. The building is also very quiet. Nancy is totally awesome to rent from. She is understanding and fair with all tenants. Maintenance issues are taken care of very quickly. Nancy also makes sure that the building is kept up and clean inside and out. I recommend Nancy and Putnam Properties!
- James G. - Nov 2020 - 5 Stars

Thank you so much for being an amazing landlord and helping make my transition to a new city, job, and community an easy and comfortable one.
– Matthew M., current resident - 2308 Lyndale Ave S. - Aug 2020
- 5 Stars

I lived on Ridgewood Ave for 2 years. Putnam Prop made everything effortless. Nancy has been great to work with. So far hands down the best landlord I’ve dealt with. If something needs repair, within days it’s taken care of. No hassle. Whenever I needed to contact Nancy she was always helpful, and so nice. I’d definitely recommend!!
- Abby S - July 2020 - 5 Stars

Just wanted to say thanks. The new AC unit is working great. Appreciate the amazing turnaround time. You have a great team. I've lived at the Hopkins property for a year now. Great place. Very quiet, well maintained and safe. Location is excellent and only a block off Hopkins downtown. Management does a great job taking care of any maintenance issues- turnaround time for any repairs is quick. I would recommend if you are looking for a place in the west metro.
- Dave W. - July 2020 - 5 Stars

I have nothing but good things to say about Putnam Properties. Dog friendly apartment, rent is priced well, & the neighborhood is great! Nancy is wonderful & quick to respond. I can’t imagine having a better landlord!
- Bliss N. - June 2020 - 5 Stars

I lived in an efficiency studio on the ground level of 2308 Lyndale Ave S in Minneapolis for a 12-month lease starting summer of 2019 ending in 2020. I was very impressed at the overall quality of the carpeting and small section of wood flooring, the kitchen appliances and cabinets, the size of the walk-in closet area and the size of the shower in the bathroom. The large window in the living area was fantastic and let a lot of light into the apartment. Price of rent was reasonable especially in the uptown neighborhood with so many awesome shops and restaurants being a short walking distance. It was great that parking was available in a lot right behind the building for a very reasonable monthly fee. I was ecstatic to find such a cute little apartment in uptown that allowed dogs without breaking the bank on monthly pet rent. Any maintenance request I put in was always addressed in a timely fashion. I loved that I was able to set up a google phone number so my friends and family who came to visit could dial my apartment number on the pin pad outside the front door and the call was directed to my phone for me to buzz them in or to let in any package delivery people to drop off packages when I was not at home. I was so happy to have stumbled upon Putnam Properties in my past apartment search, I have nothing but great things to say. Nancy is a fabulous landlord and it was always an absolute pleasure to bump into her in the hallway or while letting our dogs outside. I highly recommend Putnam Properties for your next apartment and encourage you to check out the 2308 Lyndale Ave S apartment complex or tour one of their other apartment buildings.
- Shelby Lautz - June 2020 - 5 Stars

I had a wonderful experience living at a Putnam Properties apartment in Hopkins. The apartment itself was extremely cozy, quiet, and well-maintained in a peaceful neighborhood, and the other residents were very friendly. It is really a community where everyone knows each other. Very pet friendly as well. My little dog had several dog friends to play with.  I would definitely recommend Putnam Properties.
- Jordan S. - Nov 2019 - 5 Stars

I lived at the 2500 Pleasant Ave location for three years. The building, parking lot, and surrounding property were always well maintained and properly cared for. Management was friendly and responsive and always willing to work out any issue in a timely fashion. The unit itself was in great condition and provided a great value of size/location for it's price range. I would highly recommend Putnam Properties to anyone interested in living in the south Minneapolis area.
- Dan A. - Sep 2019 - 5 Stars

I lived at the 2308 Lyndale Ave building for 5 years and only left because I had to move out of state. The property was well-maintained, comfortable, quiet, had convenient off-street parking, and was reasonably priced. Nancy is a great landlord, always making sure that the property is well-maintained and quick to respond to maintenance issues in my unit. Highly recommend to anyone looking to rent in Minneapolis!
- Severin T. - July 2019 - 5 Stars

Putnam Properties was an excellent choice for my partner and I! Nancy was a very supportive landlord, quick to respond and deal with any concerns we had about the unit. We were referred to the building through a friend, and were grateful to find a wonderful place to live. Great price for rent & off-street parking- would highly recommend to anyone looking in the area.
- Sara - April 2019 - 5 Stars

Putnam Prop has been a great company to rent from. My apartment came clean and cozy. They are responsive, keep the building clean, and have even updated things since I've lived here (parking lot). I highly recommend them!
- Ben R. - Jan 2019, 5 Stars

I rented from Putnam Properties for three years.  In my experience they are an honest and responsible company. I appreciated that Nancy  responds to and considers her tenants needs and is so easy to talk to. Everyone that works for the company was so nice and that made me feel good when ever I talked to them. The couple that cleans the building is so sweet. They always smiled and waved and said hello.  I felt safe with the other people who lived in the building. I liked that they make the building a place people want to stay living in by renting to nice people and updating the property. I would rent from them again and recommend them to family and friends.
- Rachel L. - Jan 2019 - 5 Stars

I have never rented from a better company than Putnam Properties.  The property is managed by the owner who actually cares about her property, instead of a third-party property manager who is just doing a job.  Putnam Properties was extremely responsive to maintenance requests.  The owner was able to fix my maintenance issues within the day whenever I had a problem.
- Andrew T. - Jan 2019 - 5 Stars

Moving here has been the best decision I have ever made. Thank you!
- Vickie R. - September 2018

I lived with the properties for 2 years and had nothing but positive experiences with the property owners. When I had maintenance issues, Nancy responded quickly and sent her husband down. I also had a break in, which wasn't normal, and she let me know everything would be fixed in a hurry. The best landlord I've had in the twin cities. Pet and family friendly, my one bed and one bath was enormous with generous closet space, as well as affordable for the area. Highly suggest renting with Putnam
- Calilee L, - Jan 2018 - 4 Stars
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